Is safe?


One of the questions we keep getting on the remote support forums is whether is safe. The issue here is generally not whether the website accessed after logging in to is secure. Rather, the issue is whether the remote access and remote computer control software sold on the site you land on after logging into is safe.

Why is safety important here?

To understand why security is an important factor in relation to the software available on, you must evaluate how complex the software in question is. That’s where you’ll find out that the software in question is so sophisticated that through it the person offering technical support remotely can have full and seamless access to the customer’s computer and control it as if they were sitting right at it! With such complete and unfettered access to the client’s computer, the individual can proceed to destroy it if they so desire. And it is against this background that people who consider installing such software are trying to find out whether it is safe or not.

Find out if the software is safe

There is one key way to find out if the software is available on safely. It would be by looking at how it’s handled. In this regard, you will know that the software in question is designed to allow a computer support specialist to remotely access and control your computer.

The software application (by itself) does nothing else. And in this sense, we can say that it is safe. But there is a loophole: in the sense that the software does not impose restrictions on what the person on the other side (the one who offers computer support remotely through it) can do when they access your computer remotely. So the software itself is safe. However, a person using it to access and control your computer remotely could be using it maliciously. But we reiterate that the software itself is safe.


From what we have discussed, it should be clear that the way to ensure security when using remote computer access and remote control software is to carefully check the people and organizations with whom you use it. That is, people and organizations that you allow to remotely access and control your computer using software should not abuse this privilege. Thus, as long as you work with trustworthy people, you should be safe (just like if you personally invited trusted computer support people). Otherwise, the software you can download from the website is safe.


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