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The world’s driving internet based maths program Change the manner in which your understudies learn maths with Mathletics, the world’s driving web-based maths program that forms certainty through customized picking up, energizing games and dominance challenges. Get everything rolling in minutes, at home or in the study hall.

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Mathletics gives the ideal degree of help and challenge to ensure every understudy accomplishes their best. In under an hour out of every week, kids matured 5-16 immediately become spurred, sure and fruitful students with further developed test results. Farewell maths uneasiness!


For educators, robotized stamping and understudy progress reports are the fundamental developmental evaluation apparatuses you really want. Arranging, schoolwork and amendment is straightforward – it just requires seconds to set exercises, view progress and actually look at results. As a matter of fact, the main explanation north of 200,000 educators love Mathletics is on the grounds that it saves time and is not difficult to utilize.


Guardians, coaches and self taught students will likewise cherish the nitty gritty bits of knowledge Mathletics gives, which plainly show kids’ assets, as well as regions that need additional consideration.

See the reason why more than 3 million understudies overall love learning maths with Mathletics. Get limitless access FREE for 30 days!

3,000,000+ understudies

More than 3 million understudies all over the planet use Mathletics

200,000+ educators

More than 200 000 educators use Mathletics to help their math instructing

14,000+ schools

More than 14 000 schools house Mathletics for their understudies’ math learning

Mathletics is the ideal science commitment program for schools and homes
Allow understudies to assume responsibility for their learning
Mathletics is different in light of the fact that understudies are enabled to assume responsibility for their own getting the hang of, setting up a climate where they can truly flourish. Experiences like Multiverse and Rainforest Maths permit understudies to pick their own learning ways, testing themselves and finding new information.

Mathletics is made for schools

Fun prizes keep youthful students on target
Youngsters stay propelled to learn and push ahead with different prizes and inventive undertakings. Mathletics gives understudies the support they need to challenge themselves and get to the next level.

Adjusted to the Australian Educational plan
Mathletics is planned by master instructors and completely adjusted to Australian and state Educational programs. Guardians and self taught students can feel sure realizing Mathletics builds up kids’ homework and homeroom getting the hang of, zeroing in on the abilities and ideas they need for progress.

Mathletics is made for schools | Mathletics Login

Fits consistently in class or at home
Mathletics adjusts to your showing style with adaptable illustration arranging and revealing. Guardians and self taught students can convey illustrations time permitting and way.

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